12 thoughts on “Flatline”


Airdate: October 18, 2014
Written by: Jamie Mathieson
Directed by: Douglas MacKinnon
The Story So Far: With powerful dimensional forces locking the Doctor inside the TARDIS, Clara finds herself alone in Bristol, relentless pursued by paper-thin monsters, and armed with only three things for company: a youth graffiti artist, a grumpy old civil servant, and a collectible-sized miniature TARDIS.

For the second lowest-rated episode ever of the revived Doctor Who series, this  one seems to have been immensely popular with fandom at large.  It’s another strong showing for Jamie Mathieson, but perhaps not quite as awesome as the previous week’s story.

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12 thoughts on “Mummy on the Orient Express”



Airdate: October 11, 2014
Written by: Jamie Mathieson
Directed by: Paul Wilmshurst
The Story So Far: Clara agrees to go off with the Doctor on one “last hurrah”, so he takes her to the Orient Express — in space.  And there’s a mummy on the Orient Express.

Finally, an episode that everyone seems to love unequivocally!

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11 thoughts on “Kill the Moon”


Airdate: October 4, 2014
Written by: Peter Harness
Directed by: Paul Wilmshurst
The Story So Far:It’s 2049 on the Moon, a year before the Gravitron is installed.  A mining operation has been destroyed by giant spiders, and something enormous is shifting under the crust.  The Doctor is asked to solve a very weighty moral dilemma, but refuses to get involved.

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13 thoughts on “The Caretaker”


Airdate: September 27, 2014
Written by: Gareth Roberts & Steven Moffat
Directed by: Paul Murphy
The Story So Far: It’s An Unearthly Child, remade as a French bedroom farce rather than theatrical drama.

The four words I’d use most to describe The Caretaker are: “Exhausting.  In a good way.”  The actual plot is slight, deliberately so, but the character moments and the dialogue fly by so fast and furiously that I felt kind of drained by the time it was all over. Drained, but also ready to watch it again, to catch everything that I knew I missed the first time.
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10 Thoughts About “Time Heist”


Airdate: September 20, 2014
Written by: Steve Thompson & Steven Moffat
Directed by: Douglas MacKinnon
The Story So Far: As the Doctor tries to convince Clara to cancel her date with Danny and go exploring with him instead, the TARDIS phone rings, and the two are magically whisked away to the Bank of Karabraxos… where they are forced by The Architect to rob the bank.  Fabulous riches may await if they succeed, but their brains will be turned to soup by The Teller if they fail…

I’ve just had a hard time wrapping my head around Time Heist.  Many reviews I’ve read were faintly disappointed in it.  Head Over Feels found it to be fantastically entertaining, on the other hand.  I appreciated a lot of the individual lines and some of the emotional beats but… at least for the moment, it just hasn’t amounted to a coherent whole for me yet. As usual, most of my first impressions have to do with what other past Doctor Who episodes most closely resemble the individual elements in Time Heist.  Like, all that stuff about the TARDIS spinning its way through space?  Totally lifted from the Tom Baker era!

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13 Thoughts on “Listen”


Airdate: September 13, 2014
Written by: Steven Moffat
Directed by: Douglas Mackinnon
The Story So Far: Clara has her first date with Danny Pink, while the Doctor chases down the origins of the one universal nightmare.  Where might this modest set-up lead? Well, to the Silence at the End of Time… and to the Beginning of All Beginnings.

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11 Thoughts on “Robot of Sherwood”


Robot_of_Sherwood_1Airdate: September 6, 2014
Written by: Mark Gatiss
Directed by: Paul Murphy
The Story So Far: Clara asks the Doctor to take her to Sherwood Forest, where it’s the year 1190 and the cruel Sheriff of Nottingham is brutalizing the local population.  The Doctor’s suspicion that “Robin Hood” is too good to be true, is only furthered when robot knights and a flying castle make an unexpected appearance.

To be honest, I just loved this episode.  A witty script by Gatiss; a healthy amount of swashbuckling; a number of either direct references to, or close parallels with, some of my favorite Classic Series adventures; and, oh, did I mention it was witty? Continue reading

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