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Novelization by: Terrance Dicks TV Script by: Christopher Bailey Episode aired: February 1982 Novelization released: March 1984 Overview: This book came out in the middle of an uninterrupted 12-month run of Fifth Doctor novelizations.  Following the publication of Meglos in … Continue reading

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Revenge of the Cybermen

Novelization by: Terrance Dicks TV script by: Gerry Davis Episode aired: April/May 1975 Novelization released: May 1976 Overview: This was the 3rd Cybermen story to be novelized, following The Moonbase and The Tenth Planet.  Gerry Davis had written the earlier two novels, … Continue reading

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How I Got Here

I discovered Doctor Who in the autumn of 1984.  I was eleven years old and growing up in suburban Long Island, New York.  A couple of classmates introduced me to the program, which at the time was airing nightly at … Continue reading

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