Diamond Dogs by Mike Tucker [podcast]

A podcast I recorded a guest spot for recently. Hope you get a chance to listen and enjoy!

Trap One

IMG_5806The Doctor and Bill arrive on a diamond mining facility orbiting Saturn, and get caught up in intrigue, sabotage and an alien war.

Download this episode (right click and save)

Joining me to discuss Mike Tucker’s most recent Twelfth Doctor novel is Jason Miller (@drwhonovels). You can read his great blog on the Target range of Doctor Who novelisations range here. You can find more information on, and order copies of, Enlightenment, the fanzine Jason wrote for here.

The reading is performed by Trap One regular contributor, Denise Sutton (@cupoftea69)

The story about diamonds from Uranus can be found on The Washington Posthere.

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About drwhonovels

An incredibly languid sojourn through the "Doctor Who" canon, with illustrations from the Topps 1979 baseball card set.
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